ESC Italy Relè
Because of the very long experience on MIL type relays, Electron Source Co can be considered a specialist for this kind of component.
If not available from its production range, Electron Source Co can procure a very wide range of relays from its own stock (more than 4000 line items) or from a consolidate network of connections with partners all over the world.
ESC Italy Timers
Electron Source Co has started its design and production activity on the timers market segment developing the most performance and innovative design.
The range of production includes Solid State timing devices and Electromechanical ones.
ESC Italy Relè
Electron Source Co has developed a wide variety of devices including many different types of sensors such:
Voltage Level Sensors (DC or AC), Current Sensors, Frequency Sensors, 3Phase Sequence Sensors, 3Phase Current Sensors
ESC Italy Relè
Other products
Electron Source Co has developed a wide variety of other products